Yesenia is an amazing coach! Her experience in understanding how trauma plays a huge role in how we live our lives and make our decisions really makes this relationship work. As a professional woman of color, we go through many different experiences in the workspace with minimal support. Yesenia was not only a great soundboard but also a great person to help navigate and understand the feelings that I was feeling and to reroute the energy to something soul nourishing. She places a huge emphasis on learning how to purge what no longer serves you - which ultimately forces you to take a step back and re-analyze the things you do which tie back to experiences associated with being a woman of color. I leave every conversation with Yesenia reaffirming the love that I have for myself and understanding that in order for me to succeed I need to put myself first. I have established my own business and each day show up more and more and value my energy. This is something I learned through my work with Yesenia. 



My experience with Yesenia, unequivocally changed my life for the better. For years, I had worked on and off with therapists never quite feeling like we were getting to heart of the issues that were plaguing me. The best way to describe Yesenia’s process is wholistic. By using traditional therapy along with elements of spirituality, art and music, Yesenia creates a nonjudgmental space for you to unpack past traumas, so that you can begin to view those wounds as a source of strength to propel forward. I could write a whole essay on the things that improved since I started working with her - from me investing in a course to foster my creativity to deepening my relationship with my family. But what I think is most notable, is that I was able to secure a promotion, so that I could do work that I was more passionate about and to advocate for a salary increase. Me, the woman who would never speak up or ask for more! I’d say if you’re reading this, you already know what you need and that Yesenia can help you begin healing, so make the investment now. You have nothing to lose.

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Change Agent

Cultivate love is more than just loving someone or understanding the meaning of love. Cultivating love is the process of loving yourself by cultivating the essence of your inner being. A farmer must cultivate the land before he plants his seeds. In order to produce the best harvest the farmer must be prepare the soil by providing it with nutrients. At due season the farmer will reap the benefits of his initial labor. 

That is what my coach did for me.

Yesenia, my life coach, helped clear my mind and my surroundings and began to remove all the bad weed that was keeping me from growing and flourishing. As a mental health professional and provider, I too needed to process my own emotions and identify road blocks that was keeping me stagnant. As mental health professionals we too need to unload and identify areas in our lives that may be need to be cultivated and processed. 

Thank you 
for guiding me in my process of cultivating a wonderful harvest within myself.