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I'm often reminded whether it's by my narrative or external glorification of being a warrior or a Guerrera. While I've oftentimes been referred to one along with several of my friends -there was a lot of doing, but not enough owning and speaking-speaking of my truth. My current watch that I'm obsessed with is Jenni Rivera: La Mariposa del Barrio. It was a Telemundo Novela, but available now on Netflix (be prepared to be triggered FYI).

There are so many themes and topics to unpack in the series, but one of the initial things I couldn’t get over was the secrecy around problems that Jenni was experiencing as a teen. Even with parents checking in, offering help, and a way out-Jenni insisted on being gangsta and keeping her problems to herself up until it was unbearable. Now, this is not to critique the late Jenni Rivera. It's unfortunate, how subtle and not so subtle the message was conveyed to keep home matters in the home. On several occasions, Jenni's ex "Trino" would tell her that she looked cuter quiet. This brings me to my recent podcast episode, the topic at hand was: Calladita Te Vez Mas Bonita/You Look Cuter Quiet. This statement is rooted in power and dominance, the opposite of love and freedom.






-Legal Status

-Family Norms


Not being truthful in your needs and wants can have quite an impact that can show up physically, emotionally, mentally, but also in the context of your relationships. While being silent may be protective or have been protective for some, it can also pose dangers and place a person in a vulnerable position.

When you create room for yourself, you also leave room for those around you to speak their own truth.


What can you do to activate your throat and voice?

  • Sing

  • Cry

  • Dance

  • Journal

  • Explore your own Attachment Style. This is based on the relationship you had with your own caregivers that influences how you navigate relationships presently.

  • Create a container for emotions and thoughts to discharge. This is a pathway to healing.

  • Boundaries-Get some. Honor them. Your thoughts and feelings are valid.

  • Embrace how you feel, share with your circle. It's okay to not be okay all the time.

  • Be FAST


Want to hear more? Listen to the Podcast below

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