Showing up much?

This past month, I've been speaking on showing up and speaking your truth. I also did some of that work on my own and launched a podcast! It was a long time coming, but it was time, and I'm having so much fun. As I reflect on the clients I'm working with which I LOVE, there were steps I had to take to attract them.

  1. Tune out the noise. I had to tune out the noise on how I should show up. When you create the space between your and your thoughts, emotions, wishes, and dreams...they SHOW UP. That involved some decluttering from Facebook groups, mailing lists

  2. Go IN. Take inventory. What are your strengths, weaknesses, what are the barriers? I realized there was a narrative I was operating from and it showed up in my business. I was getting in the way and oftentimes, shrinking when I didn't need to. That shrinking thinking was a hindrance to operating from a business model that filled my cup and then it spilled into other areas.

  3. Do the work. The reality is I needed some inner work and not just a business coach, but a healer and a therapist. Real talk! The administrative and legal aspect isn't as hard as it's made out to be. You want a solid and firm foundation for your heart+centered business based on your values, gifts, and the people you want to serve.

  4. Self-Validation. This can be challenging, but you will get to a place that tuning out the noise becomes second nature and you're able to rock n roll without so many "confirmations" in the form of permission.

  5. Accountability. Been there, and there's nothing wrong with an objective person guiding you through things. Haven't found one? Consider me your personal hypewomyn and book a SWOT Session.

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