Release, Purge, Shifting-HUH?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Creating space for elevation requires making room.

If you follow me on social media and/or follow other woo (high-vibes,spiritual peeps), then you've probably heard the word "purge". Essentially this is the overall process of reflecting and *releasing. More and more studies are coming up now about energy and impacts of stress and trauma on the body. So if we think about energy-feelings being made up of energy, we are constantly surrounded by people right? It would make sense how some people particularly children or dogs can "sense" the energy. We tend to store a lot, A LOT, like way too much actually.  From items, trash, notes, memories, emotions, sensations, and a big one-messages and narratives fed to us via media and society. 

Now that we have that covered-purging. Really what it comes down to is the process of reflecting and releasing which can come in so many forms from: 

  • Toxic work environment

  • Habits (this is a deep one!) 

  • Negative thoughts or view about oneself

  • Strong intense emotions that impacted you negatively

  • False notion that one should be, should look like, should this and that etc. 

  • Relationships that are not conducive, helpful and in fact harmful to your overall health

With my coaching and therapy clients, we go through this. One can't elevate unless they've created space which often times requires a level of mourning>>healing and processing it all>>education on self, stories, experiences to develop a coherent and positive narrative. The outcome is a higher elevated version of their self. If you're ready to step into your journey, let's touch base. 

In the meantime, I'll leave you with my girl who just gives me life EACH time and while she didn't use the word purging, it's the same. Enjoy. 

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