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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Everybody has one, everybody.

As you know, I'm a Therapist, community organizer, educator, healer, potty mouth, sophistaratchet and whatever the hell I say I am. Ok, but forreal- I'm a daughter, a sister, a tia (auntie), a godmother (madrina), partner, friend, a non-conformist, warrior and HUMAN. I work with high-achieving poc folks, millennial and our adolescents providing holistic therapy, coaching and mentoring services. You see, once upon a time, I thought I had to look and dress a particular way, but I felt off. This later showed up in my practice as I started to decolonize my mind, but then also mental health. In school, we are told to follow this x,y, and z procedure. You know, check the boxes, obtain the Masters Degree, overwork yourself and deal with oppression, racism, elitism, and burnout just in order to obtain hours towards licensure. The reality is, there is not nearly enough emphasis nor spaces catered towards addressing how oppression, colonialism and societal pressures have impacted people specifically from marginalized communities.

As I started to say "f*uck norms" and do me, I heard my clients say "I feel more safe and comfortable when you dress like that". I experienced judgement, ageism, elitism and downright racism in the clinical setting. *Pause*, yes that happens in the profession in fact, it happens A LOT, it's simply not talked about nearly as much. God/The Universe works in such ways that I've been manifesting and finding my tribe and it just so happens one of them is in my mastermind groups! She's a total badass and turns out we are shifting together and she too, has felt the BS imposed by the corporations and medical industrial complex. Checkout her blog here.

So why did I write this? Because as humans, as WOC (womyn of color), as a daughter of immigrants and healers, I also had to do a lot of uncovering, unpacking, unlearning rebuilding and reconstructing. The rebirth journey has peaks and pits and I had to do my share of work to show up in life and practice fully in a way that honors my clients. My hope is that you feel empowered to own you, ALL of you, connect with our healers out there and HEAL, heal from the individual and collective trauma. Because I'm tired of the increase of over- diagnosing, over-prescribing and internalization of labels-succumbing to the suffering. Aren't we all just trying to heal though? Promoting commUNITY is something that is part of my core. In therapy and in life, I find that loneliness can be one of the biggest silent killers? You can have all the money in the world, but loneliness-that can lead you to sink in shame, hurt, past and pain.

After going through my own journey and the idea of blog/vlog and sharing knowledge came to me, the word that kept showing up was "cosechar" which means harvest. This brought me back to my roots and memories of my father saying this word as well as honoring the farmers of my family and country of El Salvador. The name Cultivate Love was born at a Salvadorean restaurant (not a coincidence) where I was brainstorming with an Hermana (sorority sister) and the minute I wrote it down, we looked at each other and just knew. The word Cultivate in Spanish means "cultivate". Just as crops were planted in the dark and required care in order to bare fruitful harvest, so are we as people, but also my people-our people.

They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.

This journey, the re-birth journey, the spiritual and healing path of decolonizing your mind comes in layers and stages. Be kind and gentle with yourself, you got this.

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