Psychological evaluations for immigration procedures

Immigration Evaluations are conducted for the following procedures:

  • 601-A Hardship Waiver

  • Extreme Hardship Waiver

  • U-Visa

  • Asylum Petition

My experience in working with the immigrant communities would start with myself. I am a1st generation daughter of immigrants who are now citizens of this country, so not only am I Bilingual, but Bicultural as well.


Growing up in a diverse community in the DMV area, I have been exposed to the rich and diverse communities ranging from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Peru and so on. I have worked in clinical and community settings where I have witnessed first hand the impact of trauma on individuals, families and community.

While conducting these evaluations, clients sharing their history and traumas associated with their immigration process is an important empowering and healing step. For many of my clients, this is the first time sharing their story, struggles and experience. I find that clients have difficulty navigating the process, which is why I make it a point to obtain a Release of Information to make any necessary collateral contacts and communicate with the lawyer representing (if applicable) to ensure continuity of services.


Knowledge is power and I find that many of my clients are not aware of what the process entails. Often times, steps are missed and information isn't relayed to them. This is why I ensure my clients understand what they have applied for and how the evaluation fits with their application so they can be empowered and informed.


I strive to create and provide the space where you supported throughout the process


  • Consultation & correspondence with your lawyer (If applicable) 

  • Correspondence between sessions 

  • Interview/Assessment + Review of Documents

  • Evaluation Report (2 copies) 

  • Turnaround time: 2 weeks

Service Includes: