Cultivating and walking in your purpose

As a heart+preneur, the road to success can be daunting. You lead with the callings of your soul and do the heart-centered worked you know you were put here to do. You dedicate your life's work to being of service, and we love you for it. We know that the inner work must take place first before you lead your clients down the same path.

You are a trailblazer.

A paradigm shifter.

A fire starter.


You're stuck.

You wonder if you are even meant to do this because you don't know where to start or where to go from here. You feel like an imposter because how can you help someone navigate their ysh when you can't even figure out yours? Not to mention the craziness of entrepreneurship and business plans and LLC registrations and scaling and monetizing and marketing and, and, and... AHHH!


All of the webinars, emails, ads, and "shoulds" can get overwhelming! Not sure where to start? Maybe you just need a high-level 1-hour strategy session! Complete the form and come prepared to roll up your sleeves & get ish done! After our meeting, you will receive an email with follow-up notes so you can leave with clarity and direction. Maybe you just need a sounding board, a lifeline-schedule the call let’s work it out.

We're here to help you draw your stories, visions, strengths to then tying in the business and strategy with confidence, and standing in YOUR truth. We are here with you every step of the way. It’s time.

About Elevate Your Truth for Healers+Helpers

Client Testimonials

Check out what some of my former clients have to say for themselves!

“I had a wonderful experience working with Yesenia to build my coaching, therapy, and consulting business. Before working with her I struggled to describe my niche, show the value of my services, and didn't know how to market successfully to clients. After working with her I feel more confident about running the business side of things, have clients reaching out to me, and know how to reach more people that need help. I have a clear plan of how to move my business forward. She helped me find my voice as a business owner and guided me to make changes in myself and my business so that I can help more families and be proud of my business.”

“I appreciated Yesenia's coaching style and her ability to draw out my why. This was an area that I was blocked in and unable to expressed. During our coaching session, I was able to connect to the heart energy and physical sensation in my body, that I was unable to identify for myself. Through a few exercises that we engaged in during our session, I was able to both release and connect to the purpose and direction that I was aiming for in my practice.”

— Edith Arias, LCSW at

— Rorri Geller-Mohamed, LCSW at

“I learned about Yesenia's business from hearing her on a podcast related to spirituality within the Latinx community. I reached out to Yesenia, asking to get in touch after learning that she is a licensed therapist as well as a healer in her community. I found her contact information and emailed her hoping to learn more about her business and how she got started. Being a licensed professional myself, I was interested in how she got started both professionally and legally.


During our phone meeting, I experienced her as warm and inviting. She shared her struggles as well as validated the phase I am in building my business. I found speaking with her to be similar to speaking with a colleague who has your back and is genuinely interested in seeing you succeed. Her genuine demeanor and interest in supporting the black/brown community was evident during our call. It was comforting to interact with another person who is within the professional and Latinx brown community with a mutual goal of decolonizing our mindset to embrace our cultural roots within our practice. It was evident that it was her passion to help others, and my call with her was no exception. I am comforted that there are others out there helping to support those who are learning to embrace their heritage. As I grow and make space for my unique gifts and strengths, I look forward to collaborating with her in the future. .”

— Aila Shai Castane at

Not sure where to start?  Let's chat and work it out!