There's so many "shoulds" and best practices according to xyz...

But when the fcuk did we stop trusting ourselves?

You've been conditioned and made to believe that in order to succeed or be happy, one must  do something or look a certain way. Do life, love and business a particularly way. On the outside, everything looks great, you look so well put together like you’re living your best life, but inside, you are fragmented and somewhere along the way lost the essence of you! As a High Achieving Professional you recognize that you need more and are ready to explore self, spirituality, sensuality & no longer just live in survival mode, but thrive and flourish! Or, you’re in this weird transition space and so ready to claim all of you and show up unapologetically and demand from the world all that you deserve. Healing is not just limited to psychotherapy which is why examining your relationships, spirituality, as well as life experiences are key to not just survive, but thrive.


You created space to shed the old and give room for newness.

You found the courage to show up and show out as you - ALL of you.

You realized you can be good enough by just being, not doing - AHH!

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Let me guess, you've tried therapy, but therapy didn't work. You maybe went to a therapist and were toldyou didn't need it. You know you need something, some movement, some faith, some energy work, music and journaling and a no pathologizing, but can't put your finger on it- I bring you conscious soul+work®! These are integrative healing coaching sessions. Healing comes in many forms, and to be well and feel whole is your journey towards liberation!

About Conscious Soul+Work