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Sound Familiar?

You're going, you're grinding, and just doing it. 
You've gone through stuff, but you're thinking, "I'm good". 
You hold it down for everybody, but don’t know how to ask for help.
You struggle with imposter syndrome, and fear’s got you shook!

You've survived church hurt or spiritual bypassing, but still experiencing the residue. 
Somewhere along the road, you lost the essence of yourself, and you're trying to find yourself again.

Perhaps you’ve tried getting help but did not feel affirmed nor seen in your experience.


VENCER [ven-sehr]

To defeat, to conquer, to overcome.

It's time to:









The Trauma experience can have a long-lasting impact and requires a holistic and survivor-centered approach. Honoring and examining the mind, body, soul and spirit connection is vital for clients to thrive. This means exploring whole health, adoptive a holistic integrative approach and supporting modalities that best support clients on their healing and recovery journey outside of white-centered therapeutic frameworks.

Culturally Inclusive.

Every experience is unique and cultures have their own set of norms and even sub-cultures. Being culturally inclusive not only means supporting and affirming the client’s experience, but practicing cultural humility. This means understanding their world views, leaning in with openness and curiosity with unconditional positive regard that promotes healing.

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Healing Justice.

In order for marginalized individuals, families and communities  to excel, they must have the opportunity to: mourn the losses that also include systemic oppression and generational trauma, heal the wounds for themselves, their ancestors and future generations, educate themselves to elevate and surpass roadblocks placed/imposed.  Education and exploration of the person, environment, historical oppression and the family system are not mutually exclusive.

Collective Healing.

We firmly believe that when one heals, all heals. When you heal you, you are directly influencing the trajectory of your lineage too! You can’t change what happened to you, but you have the capacity to develop a new meaning and way of responding to life’s events. Venceremos means WE Shall Overcome. Call it idealistic, but we have the faith and vision to operate in this way. 


“When you heal,

you heal generational

patterns, and relationships operating from a wounded space.”

Yesenia Villalta, LCSW

Venceremos    Healing, Founder


Find your voice. Honor your path. Reclaim your power.



The goal is to equip you with tools, insight and awareness of self, triggers, and how you relate. Pre-Marital Counseling available using Prepare/Enrich curriculum. An integrative approach to addressing Depression, Anxiety, Intimacy/Relationship Problems, Trauma Responses, Acculturation Issues, and Racial Trauma using specific bottom-up approaches. This is looking at the body+brain connection vs. typical talk therapy. 


Immigration Evaluations

Psychosocial evaluations available for: 601 (A) Waiver, U-Visa, T-Visa, Asylum and Cancellation of Deportation procedures. For your convenience and security, I conduct these in the privacy of your home.